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Earlier thread about his work: The featured image of this article is from the video below. I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. A mod to buy some of the stuff for legendary weapons would be cool, like some random NPC that sells dark matter idk lol. Nice mods!!

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How about a mod that allows for the original PS2 textures on the characters? I would definitely do a PS2 face mod patch if there was interest. Nude mod! You know!

Reddit user successfully mods Final Fantasy X HD textures on the Vita – Patch coming soon!

Now that you said that… it will com a thing for X-2 for sure. What witchcraft is this!? Good to see some love for FFX.

10 3DS games will be more fun with 3D effects (reddit comment)

Wonder if the mods could work bother ways? Aka Tidus in FFX It depends on what you mean. I would like a patch allowing the opposite languages, i. Nick Rox?

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You mean the former Game Fan writer whose dad was always trying to kill MacGyver? That Nick Rox? Wow, thanks! Gamefan was the greatest mag in camparison to gamepro and gameinformer.

Dragon Ball Fighterz - PlayStation 4

They covered imports better and introduced anime more into the field of the gaming world towards us westerners. Wish they really had the backing to keep producing the magazines i subbed to them all the way up to the last issue! The latest, fun times! Quoted from Reddit. You have to rewrite global shader settings to get them to display at all, which breaks other shaders: The user has not provided any information on the model of the PSVita, however, we assume it's a series device based on the components one can see in the photo below. He notes that he had to remove a "shitload" of plastic in order to fit the battery in the case of the device, which is not surprising as the PSVita is tight on space as is.

He has tested the device and it seems like the experiment was successful. The battery works as expected as the user did manage to pass the mAh discharge. What do you think? Would you want a mAh battery in your PSVita? Let us know in the comments below! Dennis D. Once again, the sale page is unfiterable by platforms. Sony needs to fix their store page, we need a sorting and filter options on every new pages, not just the default pages. Fix this, Sony! This has been a problem for years, and nobody is doing anything about it.

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Erich, I agree with you percent on everything you wrote. It was so annoying having to click through all those pages. Also, I tried your fix just now and yes indeed it worked. Thanks for sharing that tip. SidNightwalker said:. Mayhaps a free release of some kind this month to make up for the lackluster Plus offerings and the broken system updates, hmm? BlueDiamond93 said:. Both being phenomenal, exclusive series published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. There are over titles listed. Again, definitely not a week. There are some really decent titles being discounted, but I see more indie trash than anything.


Some titles were offered for less during the last flash sale a couple of weeks ago. Now for the good, if you like VNs, the Utawarerumono bundle will get you two of the best. The VNs are interrupted from time to time with a short tactical game. They are actually kind of fun and you can change the difficulty. Even without the minigames, both VNs are long, one route experiences.

Voice-acting in Japanese is great. Trophies are shared between PS4 and Vita. Most of its the same, but there are a couple new things. This is the way they do these weekly sales now, just the same stuff for several weeks in a row. You have over a thousand products on sale but are only rotating out like a couple hundred.

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RedFireSky said:. Lego Jurassic World was on sale and stated it is on sale until January 1st. I wanted to get it. Sadly it was taken out early already December 18th. I wanted to wait for the second week of sales to buy it with other games: RubberJohnny76 said:. That means I have to go through pages…where many of those titles are PS3. Seriously, who decided to do that?

Nintendo 2DS-Electric Blue 2 with Mario Kart 7

After about 50 pages into the sale, I had to give up. Visit Blog. Share EU PlayStation. Dec Add Your Own 32 2 Comments.